two “twin garden” courses in the mountains

YES.ARCH unveils its ‘twin gardens’ boutique hotel near yudu mountain overlooking the flat yanhuai basin in china. the guest rooms are organized around two interior courtyards in the heart of the village. the design team takes advantage of the courtyards’ existing buildings, considering the economy of construction, and maintaining a respect for the surrounding context. the owners, twin brothers, note their demands: ‘first, the renovation must not combine the two courtyards into one in order to respect the existing property limits; and secondly, the location of the main courtyard entrances should not be changed for “fengshui” reasons..’

pictures by yumeng zhu

the YES.ARCH team comments on the spirit of its “twin gardens” boutique hotel:we hope that architecture could provide conditions conducive to mountain viewing, rather than subjugating the natural environment by erecting “phallist” objects. this attitude therefore decides the simple color of the buildings and the humble architectural presentation. the only eye-catching elements are the thriving plants in the gardens. the project is like lost and rediscovered. the only work the architect does is to clean and restore.’

twin gardens YES.ARCH

the design of yes.arch

YES.ARCH goes on to elaborate on the design of the twin gardens: ‘We are setting up a north-facing “gloriette” on each site, both a lounge and an “anchor point” for collective activities. with its spectacular view of yudu mountain, the gazebo blends into the garden when its folding door opens fully, while letting in breezes and sunlight.

in fine weather, people can climb to the roof of the south gazebo to have a view of the basin to the south. white stucco paint covers most surfaces of the building, allowing the new courtyard to blend in with the neighboring houses that all use this same material.

twin gardens YES.ARCH

Notes from YES.ARCH: ‘the two twin gardens are fundamentally different although somewhat similar in style. all the activity spaces in the south garden – includes a swimming pool, an open cinema and a meeting place with a semi-outdoor bar – spread over the site around the gazebo, surrounded by circular plant basins of various sizes with tall grass.

Like a mirror image, activities in the North Garden surround centralized plant ponds in the middle of the garden. this reverse strategy is hoped to differentiate two sites and provoke imaginative ways of using these outdoor spaces. the flourishing, wild and vicissitude of the plants, as well as energetic outdoor events, are merged into a colorful foreground for the “eternal” mountain landscape of the two living rooms.’

twin gardens YES.ARCH

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