WASHINGTON (Gray DC) – It all comes down to profits and opportunities, and some Wisconsin farmers say they can’t grow their businesses because of the trade war.

Dave Daniels is a third generation dairy farmer in Union Grove, Wisconsin.

“We formed Mighty Grand Dairy with two neighbors in 1997,” he said.

Since the 1990s, Daniels says the agriculture industry has seen a sharp decline in smallholder farming.

In recent years, the cost of getting the product to the consumer has steadily increased.

“We have engaged in tit-for-tat tariff retaliation with China,” said trade expert Jeff Schott of the Peterson Institute in International Economics in Washington, DC.

Schott says the conflict started under the Trump administration.

“These tariffs now cover about 2/3 of all imports from China,” Schott said.

The trade war and the hike in tariffs center on what the United States sees as unfair trade methods from China, including the theft of trade secrets that give the country a better economic position over America.

One example is the theft of trade secrets that allow a Chinese company to benefit from US technology without incurring development costs or paying license fees to the US company.

Recently, in a letter sent on June 30, Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) was part of a group of Republican senators calling on President Joe Biden to end the trade war and eliminate tariffs .

“I am a shameless free trader, but it must be fair trade,” Senator Johnson said.

Johnson’s office says it has yet to receive a formal response from the White House, but has received confirmation that the letter has been received.

Daniels explains what he thinks the benefit would be if tariffs are eliminated.

“I think it will have an impact; we can export more of our products to the world market.

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