NEW YORK, June 24, 2021 / PRNewswire / – VNUE, Inc. (OTC: VNUE) (“VNUE” or “the Company”), a leading music technology company that develops and implements solutions for music licensing and for monetization of events and live concerts, announced to have entered into a contract to purchase titles for the sale of up to $ 8 million of its ordinary shares, intended to advance the mission and vision of the Company and its revolutionary products.

The investment is supported by GHS Investments, LLC, a leading private investment and management group based in new York which has been providing financing solutions to high potential small caps for more than six years. Funding is expressly contingent on the effectiveness of the registration statement

The Company will have the right, at its sole discretion, to sell up to $ 8 million of ordinary shares to GHS Investments, which does not have the right to require the Company to sell shares, following the entry into force of a registration statement filed yesterday with the Securities and Exchange Commission registering common shares issuable in accordance with the Securities Purchase Agreement and other conditions.

“We are delighted to invest in the success of VNUE. We are especially excited to invest in their platform technologies which completely disrupt music industry paradigms in several ways. We anticipate the continued progress of the company and are happy to be a part of their overall growth, ”said Matthieu schissler, founder and member of GHS Investments, LLC

This investment will help accelerate the company’s development and execution of its Soundstr MRT (music recognition technology) platform, as well as build a much-needed infrastructure around the company to prepare it for growth.

“Over the past five years, VNUE has performed nothing short of miracles on what I would call ‘dribbling’ small installments of funding,” said Zach Bair, CEO of VNUE. “So imagine what we can do with * real * funding. I’ve been saying for some time that we would receive funding in the high seven digits… and that time has now come. We are very pleased that upon the entry into force of our registration statement and subject to certain conditions of the securities purchase agreement with GHS Investments, we will finally be able to ‘swing the bat’ and ” accelerate our strategy of developing and deploying Soundstr, as well as pursuing certain key strategic acquisition opportunities. GHS Investments provides us with a respected, long-term funding resource in the over-the-counter (OTC) market, with an established track record of funding successful businesses. “

The Company expects the capital to fuel the Company’s revenue, product availability and marketing presence over the next 18+ months. For more information, interested parties can refer to the S1 registration statement by visiting .

About VNUE, Inc. (
VNUE, Inc., (OTC: VNUE) is a leading music technology company dedicated to further monetizing the live music experience for artists, writers, labels, publishers, fans, venues and all stakeholders by creating exciting new live music experiences, and ensuring that the right rights holders are compensated fairly. The company is the exclusive licensee of DiscLive Network (, the pioneer of “instant live” recording, and the owner and operator of (, our innovative platform for “instant” music streaming applications. VNUE is also deploying a disruptive technology called Soundstr (, a cloud-based platform using AI and other means that identifies music played in bars, restaurants, radio stations and other businesses, and will ensure that those businesses pay only their fair share for music licenses, while ensuring songwriters and artists are paid for their work, thus creating a fully transparent performing rights ecosystem. The VNUE team is led by CEO and Chairman Zach Bair, a veteran music and technology entrepreneur and recording artist ( VNUE is made up of a group of technologists, artists, songwriters, performing musicians, music and touring executives, and of course fans passionate about the future of the music industry.


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