The U.S. Department of Commerce on Wednesday requested additional information from a group of anonymous domestic solar power manufacturers before considering requiring obligations on panels produced in three Southeast Asian countries.

This decision delays the industry decision expected this week. The incident is between an American builder of solar projects, which relies on cheap imports for most of its supply, and a small domestic manufacturing sector, which says it cannot compete effectively with the flood of cheap imports from Asia. This is the last controversy.

U.S. PV project developers are urgently working to investigate new trade tariffs, to surprise the foreign PV companies they depend on, and to meet the country’s climate change targets. He said it would cripple important sectors.

Last month, an anonymous tariff-seeking group asked the Commerce Department to investigate the unfairness of imports from Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. He accuses Chinese producers of moving production to these countries in order to circumvent US obligations regarding solar cells and panels made in China.

On Wednesday, the Commerce Department sent a lawyer for the group, Timothie Brightville. It is a letter setting a deadline of October 6 to an American solar manufacturer who opposes the so-called Chinese detour to answer a series of questions.

A question asks group members to identify themselves. The group said in a trade file that members wanted to remain anonymous because they feared retaliation in the market.

The ministry said it would make a decision within 45 days of receiving the response.

Brightbill did not immediately respond to the request for comment.

The US Solar Energy Industries Association, an industry group that opposes the tariff requests, was disappointed that the ministry did not completely reject the group’s petition, but additional information indicates that the petitioner “will not file a complaint.” I said that I’ll do it.

US trade authorities delay decision on new solar tariffs

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