US: Tensions between Beijing and Washington have escalated due to the visit of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan last week. Beijing, which considers the island an important component of its territory, retaliated by launching extensive military exercises in the Taiwan Strait and ending cooperation with the United States in several areas.

In an opinion piece published on Friday, China’s state-run newspaper Global Times claimed that Washington’s decision to impose additional tariffs on Chinese goods is “stupid and wrong.”

The news source cited media reports that White House officials had changed their minds about whether to end some of the tariffs against Beijing or possibly as a result of the military exercises in this country near Taiwan. In light of this, new charges should be imposed. In retaliation for the recent visit to Taiwan by US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Beijing launched the drill.

According to the Global Times, the United States has repeatedly sent “mixed signals on the tariff issue” in recent months.

The Global Times criticized the White House for “always thinking about ‘removing tariffs’ in exchange for something,” adding that Washington’s “tariff war” is really going nowhere.

According to the Global Times, Washington’s most recent decision to impose tariffs on China is “a kind of reaction to the current situation in the Taiwan Strait”.
The Global Times said it was in the interests of the United States and for the United States to “show its responsibility to the world as a great power” to “remove all additional tariffs imposed on China as soon as possible”.

It came as Reuters, citing an unnamed source, reported that President Joe Biden had yet to decide whether to impose higher tariffs on China or cancel the levy, with all his options still on. Table. Eh.

The Trump administration had granted tariff exemptions for more than 2,200 import categories, including several critical chemicals and industrial components, but these were set to expire with Biden taking office in January 2021. Only 352 d ‘between them were restored by Catherine Tai, of the United States. sales representative. According to reports, more than 140 American politicians and business organizations inspired him to make a significant increase in numbers.

The Trump administration imposed tariffs on thousands of Chinese imports worth $370 billion in 2018 and 2019 to pressure China that the 45th US president has claimed has stolen US intellectual property .

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