New Delhi: As the pandemic situation persists and a new variant rages across the world, people are trying to stay indoors as much as possible to avoid infections. In such a situation, home banking service (DSB) comes to the rescue. DSB is a public sector banking alliance initiative that brings primary banking services to your doorstep.

In order to ensure smooth and secure services, banks allow their customers, especially the elderly, to request home banking services. You can only enjoy the facilities of any of the 12 listed public sector banks if the account is linked to your phone number.

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Under this facility, you can benefit from 10 non-financial services including check withdrawal, new checkbook request, bank statement delivery, 15G or 15H form withdrawal. One can submit digital life certificates through home banking.

Here are the bank charges to take advantage of DSB services

National Bank of India

SBI customers can request home banking service at their home branch. In case of non-financial transactions, SBI charges Rs 60 plus GST for each visit, while financial transactions cost Rs 100 plus GST. It should be noted that the amount of cash withdrawal and deposit for each transaction is limited to Rs 20,000 per day.

National Bank of Punjab

People over the age of 70, including people with disabilities, can use Punjab National Bank’s DBS services. The bank provides home banking service to people within a three-mile radius of a bank through its branches. The bank charges Rs 100 non-financial plus GST * and for financial transactions it is Rs 100 plus GST.


Going through the HDFC Bank website, the maximum cash delivery limit per withdrawal is Rs 25,000, and the minimum amount will be Rs 5,000 for HDFC Bank customers. For cash pickup and delivery, HDFC bank charges Rs 200 plus tax. The bank charges Rs 100 + taxes per visit to choose any instrument. Cash delivery service will be provided against the check drawn by you.

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