Diginex and CEO Richard Byworth attended the Benzinga Global Small Cap conference in May 2021.

Digital asset financial services firm Diginex Limited (NASDAQ: EQOS) has taken a big step forward to further establish its presence in the cryptocurrency industry by rebranding under the new name EQONEX Group.

Based in Singapore, with employees in the UK, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Switzerland, EQONEX is a financial services and digital asset advisory company focused on equity, governance and innovation. Diginex’s rebranding was completed earlier this month. The move has already paid off, as total spot and derivative trading volumes on the EQONEX digital currency exchange exceeded $ 5 billion over 30 days, ending in late June 2021.

June volumes also continued their strong upward trajectory, with average daily volumes to date of $ 190 million, representing a 206% and 80% increase from April and May 2021. By launch of its native exchange token EQO, June volumes since the start of the month have increased more than 12 times.

EQONEX believes the new brand will strengthen the company’s mission to “seek harmony and balance between traditional finance and cryptocurrencies, bringing digital assets to the world.”

“As we move forward with our goal of delivering digital assets to a wide range of customers, it is important for us to unify key elements under one brand. The new EQONEX brand represents all of the strongest elements of our existing brands, ”said EQONEX CEO Richard Byworth of the rebranding decision. “We provide a regulated, compliant and secure ecosystem with equality for all clients, both institutional and retail. ”

The rebranding brings together the companies under the EQONEX group, its cryptocurrency exchange custody platform, its multi-site trading activity, its over-the-counter (OTC) offering, its management solution. assets, its securitization activity and future investment products and borrowing and lending activities.

The corporate name of the EQONEX Group will remain Diginex Limited. The company will continue to be listed on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange as Diginex Limited, pending a resolution to rename the company at the company’s annual general meeting later this year.

As part of the rebranding, EQUOS, the cryptocurrency exchange will be known as EQONEX and Diginex Capital, the digital asset securitization business will be renamed EQONEX Capital. The next investment products business will be called EQONEX Investment Products and the planned borrowing and lending platform will become EQONEX Lending.

Diginex Access, the multi-site trading platform, will change its name to Access Trading. Digivault, the crypto-asset custodian registered with the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority, will continue to operate under its current name, Bletchley Park.

For more information on Diginex and the EQONEX Group, visit www.eqonex.com.


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