Which Vizio TV is the best?

Of all the brands in the TV market, Vizio is the undisputed king of value for money. Often costing less while sacrificing none of the features or quality, Vizio TVs are perfect for any experience, from cinema to console gaming.

The best Vizio TV for these experiences and more is the Vizio M-Series 55-inch 4K Smart TV. This Vizio TV has a great price for 4K Ultra HD resolution with 10 high dynamic range contrast technology and a terrific 55-inch screen size.

What to know before buying a Vizio TV

From the most affordable to the best of the best, all Vizio TVs feature the same three core capabilities: they’re smart, they interact with smart home devices, and they can stream. For more information on Vizio TV considerations, visit the Vizio-TV Buyer’s guide from BestReviews.

Smart TVs

Reduced to the essentials, a smart TV is able to connect to the Internet. Smart TVs Use this connection to stream shows from your favorite services and often come with those services’ apps pre-installed for easy use.

Vizio connectivity and smart home

Vizio TVs can also connect to virtual assistants like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple HomeKit. With a simple voice command on your smart home device of choice, your Vizio TV will act accordingly.

Stream to a Vizio TV

If you ever want to send the footage from your phone, tablet, or computer to your Vizio TV, you absolutely can! Vizio TVs come with Chromecast and Apple AirPlay 2 functionality right out of the box.

Vizio product family

The easiest way to buy a Vizio TV is to select one of five available product families that contain the features you want, then narrow down within that family. These five families are the D-Series, V-Series, M-Series, P-Series and OLED.

D-Series: This entry-level family is the least expensive and as such contains the minimum of features. Usually only the basic commonality mentioned above is included, with HD (720p) or Full HD (1080p) resolutions. They also have the smallest screen sizes with a range of 24 to 43 inches.

V-Series: This series is perfect for those who want 4K resolution – four times the pixel density of Full HD displays – and larger screens while saving a little money. Vizio V-series TVs have LED-backlit screens ranging from 40 to 75 inches.

M-series: This family of Vizio TVs are the most high-end selections while maintaining a solid cost-to-functionality ratio. M-Series 50-70-inch 4K displays have higher contrast and refresh rates than V-Series.

P-Series: The big boys in the Vizio TV family, these TVs have top-notch resolution, brightness, and contrast and come in massive sizes from 65 to 80 inches.

OLEDs: OLEDs are the most expensive Vizio TVs with the latest technology. The pixels of OLED TVs produce light and are individually controlled compared to the simultaneous backlighting of LED TVs. Vizio OLED TVs have a narrow range of sizes between 55 and 65 inches.

What to Look for in a Vizio TV

Vizio resolution

Vizio TVs are available in all modern resolution ranges. HD and Full HD are perfect for those looking to save a little money. Brighter and more colorful screens are reserved for 4K resolution.

TV brightness

The brighter your screen, the more detail you can see on your screen and the easier it is to see in rooms with lots of daylight entering through windows. Brightness is generally better with higher resolution screens.

TV contrast

A TV’s contrast is the range between the deepest blacks and the brightest whites your TV can display. TVs that support HDR have the greatest contrast and therefore a better picture, especially for movies and TV shows.

How much you can expect to spend on a Vizio TV

Vizio TVs across the board are known for their lower prices compared to other major brands. You can find a brand new Vizio TV starting at $130, though those prices mean the bare minimum of features, while the highest-end Vizio TVs can reach prices of $2,000. Most Vizio TVs – with all the features you need at a size that’s right for you – can be found between $300 and $700.

Vizio TV FAQ

Can I mount a Vizio TV on the wall?

A. Yes. Vizio TVs follow Video Electronics Standards Association guidelines to ensure compatibility with nearly all third-party wall mounts. Check the dimensions of your TV when purchasing a wall mount to ensure compatibility.

Does it cost extra money to stream video to a Vizio TV?

A. No, there are no additional costs incurred. The only cost to stream content to your Vizio TV is the cost of your subscription to the services you use.

What is the best Vizio TV to buy?

Best Vizio TV

Vizio M-Series 55-inch 4K Smart TV

What do you want to know: This 55-inch Vizio TV features HDR10 color technology at a great price.

What you will love: Apple products interact very well with this Vizio TV, and the local dimming technology makes the blacks even deeper.

What you should consider: The quality of the materials used is a bit low, and the interface can be cumbersome.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Vizio TV for the money

Vizio D-Series 40

Vizio D-Series 40″ HD Smart TV

What do you want to know: Tons of preloaded apps and full LED backlighting for uniform images across the screen make this Vizio TV a great value choice.

What you will love: A 240Hz refresh rate makes it a great choice for gaming and sports.

What you should consider: This Vizio TV only has Full HD resolution, not 4K, which means it’s a bit behind more modern TV technology.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Vizio V-Series 4K HDR Smart TV

Vizio V-Series 4K HDR Smart TV

What do you want to know: For those looking for a bit more oomph than a D-series but don’t need the power of the M-series, this Vizio TV choice is the ideal selection.

What you will love: Smooth interface interaction and a great selection of Smart TV apps combined with low input lag for console gaming make this Vizio TV a perfect fit for any need.

What you should consider: Some say this model may not last as long as others as it is a happy medium between the D-series and the M-series.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

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