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Sitting at your desk all day can be uncomfortable, which can take a toll on your productivity. So if your office chair isn’t supporting as well as it should, you might want to consider adding a lumbar pad for extra back support.

When looking for a lumbar pillow, according to Dr. Gino Pucino of Well-adjusted chiropractic and wellness, it should not only be comfortable, but also fit your back. “It’s important to find a pillow that will maintain its position while you sit upright. So if you collapse in the chair and the pillow falls off, that’s a good thing; the point is to train your back to maintain posture, not just support the spine, ”he says. “A good lumbar pillow trains the muscles of the spine to maintain this curve and protects the discs.”

To help you find options based on your needs, chair type, and budget, here are the best lumbar support pillows to consider.

Final verdict

The purple back cushion (see on Amazon) and Samsonite memory foam lumbar cushion (see on Amazon) are among the best lumbar support pillows for their high quality construction. Both cushions are supportive and breathable, although they are made from different materials (the purple cushion is constructed from hyper-elastic polymer while the Samsonite cushion is made from polyurethane foam).


What is a lumbar support pillow for?

According to Dr Jordan Duncan of Silverdale Sport and Spine, a lumbar pillow can be used to support lumbar lordosis, which is the normal curve of the lower back. “Lumbar lordosis is usually lost when sitting, which can also negatively affect mid-back and neck posture,” he says. “Prolonged sitting, especially when lumbar lordosis is lost, is a predisposing factor for low back pain.”

What’s the best way to sit and how can a lumbar support pillow help?

When you are working out, the best way to sit down is to make sure that you have full body support. Choosing the right chair first is essential and then adding a lumbar support pillow. “Optimal sitting posture is defined as 10% relaxation compared to an extremely upright sitting position,” explains Dr. Duncan. “Ideally, you want a lumbar pillow that can help maintain that position.”

What is the most comfortable lumbar support pillow?

There is no such thing as the “most comfortable” lumbar pillow. Dr Pucino says it depends on your body type, the muscles in your back, and the chair you’re sitting on. So it may be a good idea to try different options.

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