If you want to listen to your favorite music and podcasts wirelessly without spending a lot of money, the best bluetooth headphones under $ 30 may not have the latest technology like wireless charging, but they will provide reliable sound and design. comfortable. They will also pair quickly with your device and will be available in both on-ear and in-ear styles. Some models even offer up to 55 hours of battery life at a time.

When you buy bluetooth headphones, there are several styles to choose from. The headphones are small and unobtrusive, but you run the risk of them falling off during strenuous activity. Therefore, if you plan to wear headphones while training, you may prefer a neck strap or headband for a more secure fit. Over-the-ear headphones have comfortable ear pads, although some may find them bulky to wear and carry.

Battery life is an important factor when purchasing a Bluetooth headset. Due to their small size, headphones tend to hold a shorter charge – on average about five hours – but over-ear styles can work for more than 50 hours. If you want the option of a wired connection, choose headphones that come with a 3.5-millimeter cable that you can plug in when the battery is low. Just note that you may need a Lightning to 3.5 millimeter adapter for wired connection with Apple devices.

Finally, buying headphones for a lower price doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the extras completely. Many options have noise cancellation and built-in microphones for hands-free phone calls. And most of the choices below have a IP waterproof rating so you can stay outside in the rain or sweat without worrying about damage.

Owning wireless headphones doesn’t have to cost you hundreds of dollars – just scroll down to find the best Bluetooth headphones under $ 30 that strike a balance between sound quality, features and price.

1. The best headphones overall

Those Bluetooth earphones have several features that make it a good deal under $ 30. They come in a rechargeable case with an LED display that shows how much power is left in each headset and in the case itself, so it’s easy to check battery life at a glance. The headphones deliver up to seven hours of music on a single charge, and a fully charged case can extend that time for up to 35 hours of total listening time. These headphones are truly wireless, pair quickly with your devices, and come with touch sensors on each earbud so you can adjust the volume, take phone calls, or skip to the next track with just a tap. They also have an IPX7 waterproof rating to resist water. up to 3 feet, they will therefore be resistant to rain and sweat.

One reviewer wrote: “I really enjoyed these headphones. I took them out of the box, connected them to my phone’s bluetooth, and played music like that! Incredibly easy to set up and use. The sound quality is excellent. I love the charging display on the front of the charging case.

2. The best on-ear headphones

Those over-ear headphones have an adjustable headband to fit you just. They’re fully wireless but come with a 3.5mm cable so you can plug them in and continue listening even when the battery is depleted. Volume controls, a microphone, and a USB port are all easily accessible next to the headset. You’ll get up to 55 hours of playback per charge, and the headphones use noise-isolating technology to deliver clear sound. According to the brand, the earbuds are classified IP66 so they are dust-proof and resistant to powerful water jets. In addition, these headphones are lightweight, foldable and available in three colors.

One reviewer wrote: “I really like these headphones. They avoid a lot of external noise and connect very easily via bluetooth with my phone or via cable to my laptop. The sound quality is great with a decent bass considering the price is very reasonable.

3. The best neckband headphones

For anyone who has a tendency to misplace their earbuds or is concerned that they might fall off while jogging or other vigorous activity, this wireless neck strap with retractable ear cups is a great option. The USB rechargeable headphones offer noise cancellation and will run for up to 16 hours on a single charge. The headphones are connected to the neck and retractable at the push of a button. There is a built-in microphone and the headphones vibrate when a phone call comes in. The headphones come with three sets of interchangeable ear tips so you can find the best fit, and they can be folded and stowed in the included carrying case between uses. Although these headphones do not have an IP rating, the ear tips are made of soft, sweat-resistant silicone.

One reviewer wrote: “These are a great pair of headphones. They are very comfortable to wear – light around my neck and comfortable in my ears. […] These paired seamlessly via bluetooth to my iPhone and my husband’s Samsung. The sound quality is very good.

4. These wireless headphones with noise canceling

Those wireless earphones Use noise cancellation and four microphones to help deliver clear sound while listening to audio and making hands-free phone calls. They can last around eight hours on a full charge, and will give you an hour and a half of listening after just 10 minutes of charging. The headphones are rated IPX7 waterproof, so they are resistant to rain, splashes and sweat. Bonus: the case is compatible with most wireless chargers. These headphones are also backed by an almost perfect 4.8 star rating.

One reviewer wrote: “I have a low-end Android phone with poor sound quality. These headphones are fantastic. When I make a call I can hear the other person perfectly and have been told I am very well heard. The noise cancellation is excellent and ensures a clear phone conversation even in noisy environments.

5. Sports headphones with magnetic ear cups

Featuring well-fitting ear hooks and connected headphones, these Bluetooth headset are an excellent compromise between headphones and on-ear headphones. They’ll deliver up to 38 hours of music on a single charge, and the built-in microphone and controls are wired to the neck strap. When not in use, the magnetic earbuds stick together for easier carrying. These headphones are rated IPX5, which means they are resistant to low pressure spraying but should not be used in heavy rain or submerged. This has been backed by over 600 five-star reviews on Amazon.

One reviewer wrote: “I use them for work and play. I wear them for up to 10 hours straight. They don’t fall out of my ears. In almost a month, I have to recharge every 4-7 days. Call quality is excellent – no issues with zooming calls too. I would recommend it to anyone.

6. The headband with integrated helmet

If you’re looking for a way to keep your headphones in place while you exercise or sleep, this Bluetooth headband maybe just what you are looking for. The breathable and stretchy fabric has built-in speakers that can be removed when you want to wash the headband. Power and volume controls are easily accessible on the front of the headband, and there’s noise cancellation and a built-in mic for hands-free calling. You’ll get up to 10 hours of battery life per charge, and the headphones are IPX6 rated to stand up to sweat and rain.

One reviewer wrote: “This set of overhead headphones is more than I expected! I often need music to calm me down and sleep at night. This product allows me to lie on my side without having to deal with painful in-ear headphones. They cancel out the noise and my husband hears nothing either!