Taipei, December 11 (CNA) Companies listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) and over-the-counter (OTC) markets have grossed more than NT $ 900 billion ($ 32.37 billion), reaching a new peak in the first nine months of this year, according to the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC).

Data compiled by FSC, Taiwan’s leading financial regulator, showed that listed companies posted a profit of NT $ 918.1 billion in the first three quarters of this year, up from NT $ 545.8 billion. NT dollars or 146.60% from the previous year.

Profits of NT $ 918.1 billion include NT $ 881.4 billion from companies listed on the TWSE, or the Main Board, and the remaining NT $ 36.7 billion was from companies listed on the market. over-the-counter, according to data.

The FSC said significant growth came largely from shipping service providers, which have benefited from rising freight rates due to a global supply shortage as well as port congestion around the world.

In addition, the electronics industry has benefited from the efforts of international brands to launch new gadgets, including smartphones, which have boosted shipments, especially for the semiconductor industry, the FSC said.

Over the past nine months, the shipping companies listed on the local stock market saw their overseas profits total NT $ 294.7 billion, up from NT $ 273.2 billion, making the industry the most profitable of all sectors that have benefited from their investments abroad, the data showed.

The semiconductor industry, meanwhile, posted an increase of NT $ 49.9 billion in year-on-year overseas profits, an increase of nearly 200% in the nine-month period. , while other electronics companies also enjoyed a NT $ 47 billion increase in overseas profits, or an increase of nearly 100 percent, according to the data.

According to the FSC, a total of 1,280 listed companies had invested overseas by the end of the third quarter, representing 78 percent of total listed companies, while their total overseas investment had reached 7,016 trillion. NT dollars, up NT $ 205 billion from the end of last year.

Tsai Li-ling (蔡麗玲), deputy director of the Securities and Futures Bureau of the FSC, said the increase in overseas investment is largely due to the desire of many Taiwanese companies to establish subsidiaries or start mergers and acquisitions to grow, with semiconductor vendors serving as large investors.

As for investments to China by listed Taiwanese companies, the FSC said, their profits reached a record NT $ 379.5 billion in the first nine months of the year, up 102 , NT $ 6 billion over the previous year.

The NT $ 379.5 billion profit was made up of NT $ 357 billion reported by companies listed on the TWSE and NT $ 22.5 billion reported by publicly traded companies, the FSC said.

The FSC said the increase in profits from investments in China reflected strong demand for a wide range of products such as smartphones, electronic raw materials, computers and related devices, and chemical industrial items.

By the end of September, a total of 1,202 Taiwanese listed companies had invested in China, representing 73.5% of the total listed companies on the local stock markets, and they had invested NT $ 5,353 trillion in investments in China, up of NT $ 18.8 billion. since late last year, the FSC said.

Tsai added that the Chinese market is now part of the global expansion strategies of many listed Taiwanese companies, with companies increasingly seeing the mainland as a place to raise investment capital, either through the establishment of subsidiaries or. through mergers and acquisitions.

Tsai added that manufacturers of computers and computer peripherals as well as suppliers of electronic components are the main investors in China.

(By Hsieh Fang-wu and Frances Huang)

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