Squirrel Cloud POS was born out of Squirrel’s expertise in providing enterprise point of sale solutions to some of the industry’s most recognized hotel environments. Unlike all-in-one consumer tablet point-of-sale systems, Squirrel Cloud POS will offer operators the widest choice of hardware and software partners in the industry to meet their brand and unique needs. Customers have the freedom to run their point of sale on proven hotel-grade Squirrel terminals, or on iOS, Android or Windows tablets of their choice. Built on an open architecture, Squirrel Cloud POS will allow operators to take advantage of the best catering technology partners for online ordering, 3e party delivery, payments, kitchen automation and more.

Squirrel has worked with its clients and Early Access partners over the past eighteen months to adapt to changing guest expectations and demand for off-site dining to deliver an exceptional experience both inside and out. outside the restaurant. Squirrel Cloud POS allows servers to send orders directly from the table or patio, allowing them to spend more time with guests and reduce the number of employees needed. Additionally, integration with online ordering and delivery markets helps restaurateurs reach new customers via phone, takeout, online ordering, curbside pickup, and delivery channels. Restaurants can use Squirrel Cloud POS to seamlessly populate orders from their branded online ordering website, or 3rd party delivery apps right in the kitchen, reducing the overhead of manual re-entry and managing multiple menus.

“Squirrel is a leading provider of point-of-sale solutions for corporate hospitality environments. Our goal with the Squirrel Cloud POS for Independent Restaurant Edition was to create an easy-to-use and deployable point of sale platform that brings enterprise-grade infrastructure and flexibility to independent restaurants. mentionned Jason leeson, president of Squirrel Systems. “Bringing a new point of sale platform to market during the pandemic has been a monumental achievement for our team. We sincerely thank our customers and Early Access partners who have helped shape the Squirrel Cloud point of sale over the past eighteen months. “

The Squirrel Cloud POS is designed to be easy to use and deploy. The front-facing Squirrel Cloud POS app is available on the IOS App Store, Google Play, and the Microsoft Store. It’s easy for waiters to learn and use at the counter or at the table, and for managers to easily monitor daily and weekly performance from the mobile device of their choice.

The Squirrel Cloud POS is designed to bring enterprise capacity and performance to any restaurant. It delivers the basic point-of-sale engine through the same Microsoft Azure® cloud infrastructure trusted by 95% of Top Fortune 500 companies. Squirrel Cloud POS frees homeowners from the complexity and cost of managing restaurant servers. They can trust the Squirrel Cloud POS to run 24/7 and scale automatically for them during peak times.

Squirrel Cloud POS Independent Restaurant Edition is now available at an introductory price of $ 57.50/ per month for the first device and $ 20 USD per device thereafter.

To learn more about Squirrel Cloud POS and the benefits of the Squirrel platform, visit www.squirrelsystems.com/squirrel-cloud

About Squirrel Systems
Squirrel Systems is a leading provider of point of sale solutions focused exclusively on the hospitality market. Squirrel revolutionized the industry with the first touchscreen restaurant point of sale system and continues to introduce cutting edge innovations to help shape the industry. Visit www.squirrelsystems.com/squirrel-story to find out why Squirrel only works with food and beverage operators to provide customers with incredible table-to-sidewalk experiences.

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