The UK-EU deal on Christmas Eve provides for enforcement action that can be triggered if Britain refuses access to its waters. These include hitting UK fish exports with commercial tariffs once the arbitration processes in the fisheries agreement are triggered by the commission.

If these sector-specific measures fail, cross-sectoral measures that could ultimately mean Britain being shut out of the EU energy market could be rolled out.

There are about five years left in the Transition Agreement before the annual fishing opportunities negotiations take place.

French Maritime Minister Annick Giradin called this week for a common European front against the British, whom she accused of having violated their Brexit commitments.

Mrs Girardin indicated that “a calendar of actions” would be presented “with European action, national action, obviously intended for the British but also for our Jersey neighbors”. She ended by stating in English: “I want the licenses back” – a nod to Margaret Thatcher’s explosion during budget talks at a European summit in 1979: “I want my money back”.

She added: “I am counting on other European countries to demand the same as France because what France is going through today, others will experience it too.


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