April 23 is World Book Day.

If you’re Portuguese-American looking for your next great read, chances are you’re torn between a romance and a classic novel, according to a new study by StudyingInSwitzerland (SIS) that looked at favorite book genres by country the honor of World Book Day.

Product of Manaferra, referencing agency specialized in higher education, StudyInSwitzerland (SIS) found that the most popular genre in the United States is classic books, while Portugal prefers romance books.

“Each country’s gender preference is a curious reflection of its own culture,” Luarda Gjata, senior digital PR specialist at Manaferra, told O Jornal via email. “To get the data, we identified the most popular genres of fiction books. Next, we used Google search volume for each book genre in different countries around the world where the data was available, both in English and in their native language. »

The StudyingInSwitzerland website states that a typical person reads 12-13 novels each year.

“How people choose what to read has long piqued the curiosity of researchers,” StudyingInSwitzerland points out. “As a result, book publishing has a huge market size globally, with revenues reaching $112.5 billion in 2022.”

According to the findings of StudyingInSwitzerland, romance, classics and poetry books top the list among readers around the world.

The most popular genres in the United States are, in order of preference, classics, novels and poetry books.

“It is surprising to know that classic books are sought after in all states of the United States at about the same level,” points out StudyingInSwitzerland. “If we add additional filters to the search, we find that romance and poetry books are a must. Other genres such as manga, historical fiction and crime books are all kept in the middle of the pack with an almost similar number of readers looking.

While you’re much more likely to find classic books in homes in English-speaking countries, data from StudyingInSwitzerland reveals that fantasy reigns in Europe while Latin countries love horror stories. Asians have searched the internet for poetry books more than any other genre.

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