One World Café will provide a little taste of home to select international students, faculty and staff at UB. Photos: Douglas Levere

When catering service begins later this month at One World Café, diners will also experience a range of new savory snacks:

  • Pocky Chocolate Covered Stick Cookies and Kasugai Frutia Gummies from Japan.
  • Chatak Masala and sour tomato crisps from India.
  • Loux lemon juice drink from Greece.

“Much of the frontage of One World Cafe has been set up for retail products and take-out selections,” says UB Executive Chef Neal Plazio. “The intention has always been to offer as much variety of products and services.”

One World Café will have a “soft opening” on March 23, 24 and 25 in preparation for the food service that will officially begin at two of the five food stations when students return from spring break on Monday, March 28.

Campus Dining & Shops is looking for international snacks to sell alongside its international menu at One World and has worked with select U.S. vendors who distribute international products, Plazio says. To gauge student interest at UB, he started testing some of the snacks – they were a hit.

The response has been so positive, in fact, that Campus Dining & Shops started selling some of the snacks last semester at The Elli, the Ellicott Food Court’s convenience store.

“The feedback we got from students at The Elli was that students who knew about the items bought them but then shared them with their friends – and new customers were introduced,” says Plazio.

Some of the international products heading to One World’s shelves will include exotic preserves, candies, flavored sandwich cookies and tangy chips, such as Lay’s Limon Chili and Uncle Chips Spicy, Plazio says.

There will be a variety of drinks, such as Grape Sangaria Ramune and Apple Sparking Water from Japan. Campus Dining & Shops always tries to source Osem products from Israel, including Bissli, a barbecue flavored wheat twist, and Bamba, a peanut butter puff pastry.

Prices will range from $1.50 to $5.50 for larger packets of cookies and preserves, says Plazio. The hardest part will be keeping certain items in stock while there are still issues with the supply chain, he says.

“In addition to retail products, there will be take-out offers, especially desserts,” says Plazio. “Since this is a growing segment, it will grow over time.”

Due to a domestic labor shortage, the cafe will open with two of the five food stations – “Kali Orexi”, which will serve dishes from Middle Eastern countries, Turkey and Greece, and “Tikka Table”, offering dishes from different regions of India.

The other three dining stations – “The 1864 Grill”, “Pan Asian” and “The Noodle Pavilion” – will be phased in, likely by fall.

An official opening ceremony of the One World Café will take place on March 31.