SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, Oct. 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Pervasip Corp. (OTC: PVSP) (“Pervasip” or the “Company”), a developer of high-value emerging markets businesses and technologies, together with Zen Asset Management LLC (“ZAM”) today announced the signature of a letter of intent (“LOI”) to acquire substantially all of the assets of BCCTG LLC (“BCCTG”).

BCCTG, owner of various brands including Emerald City Cultivation, Emerald City Cured, Dabco, Dabs4Less and Vapes4less has agreed to the terms of acquisition by ZAM, combining its brands and concentrate offerings with ZAM’s Artizen brands to form a powerful portfolio of brands, flower covers, pre-rolls, dabbling concentrates and vaping products.

BCCTG brands, which generate $4 million in annualized revenue, are manufactured in a state-of-the-art laboratory. Terms include acquisition of all of BCCTG’s assets, including its brands, access to a Tier 2 grower/processor license, and a turnkey lab that will also be used to manufacture new products under the Artizen brand. .

Under the terms of the letter of intent, Zen will acquire BCCTG’s assets in cash, paid from contributed revenue with a monthly upper limit and cash-neutral on current financials prior to the transaction. In addition, Pervasip will provide a group of owners, investors and employees of BCCTG with 10.2% of the fully diluted capital of Pervasip in the form of restricted preferred shares.

“As outlined in our 24-month roadmap, which we released on September 6, 2022, this acquisition ticks 2 of our boxes on the list of strategic goals to achieve by year-end 2022,” said German Burtscher, CEO of Pervasip. “Not only will this immediately add revenue upon final closing of the deal, but it will also add infrastructure, expertise and a handful of well-known brands to our brand lineup. Brian Martin and his team at Emerald City Cultivation and Dabco have is doing an incredible job and is building a strong and highly respected company. We are excited to add the BCCTG team to our Washington operation and fill critical vacancies with market-leading expertise. Final terms will be posted at the closing, scheduled for the end of November 2022.”

Emerald City Cultivation and Dabco are brands known for their high quality concentrate products (dab and vape) and with over 40,000 subscribers they have established a well-deserved fan base. (IG:,,

“Combining our strengths with Artizen and bringing a full and powerful product line to DC retailers has been a vision of mine for some time now,” said Brian Martin, Founder and President of BCCTG and Emerald City Cultivation. “To be able to do this, take care of our investors who have been with us since the beginning of this adventure and join the Artizen team is a wonderful opportunity. Artizen is one of Washington State’s original cannabis brands and our combined line will allow retailers to offer a variety of products at multiple price points, all from one trusted partner. The combination of our strengths and experience will also allow us to enter markets outside of Washington and take our vision and replicate it in other markets. Expect more new product announcements over the coming weeks and months.

Pervasip Corporation
Pervasip Corp., a developer of high-value emerging markets businesses and technologies, owns Artizen Corporation and its subsidiary, Zen Asset Management LLC, a diversified asset management firm founded to acquire, grow and support businesses and technologies in the cannabis industry. Current ZAM customers operate four licensed cannabis cultivation facilities and one processing facility in Washington. Most of the biomass produced by these independent growers has historically been sold under the Artizen™ brand, including Washington State’s all-time best-selling blooming products. Additional information about Artizen branded products is available online at Pervasip beneficially owns 10 million common shares of KRTL Holding Group Inc., a biotechnology developer focused on the pharmaceutical applications of cannabinol and psilocybin. Additional information about KRTL is available online at Additional information about Pervasip is available at

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