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The eye drops market in Saudi Arabia is expected to grow at a terrific rate during the forecast period. The growth can be attributed to the increasing incidence of eye infections and the growing awareness among the population about eye care to maintain good eye health.

Industrialization and urbanization activities release harmful elements into the environment that affect air quality. Prolonged eye exposure to these irritants can cause severe eye damage and lead to eye allergies, redness, dry eyes, allergies, etc., which contributes to the growing adoption of eye drops in Saudi Arabia. Several pharmaceutical companies and research institutes are working on drug discovery and developments in the eye care segment, which is expected to drive the growth of the eye drops market in Saudi Arabia in the coming years.

The rapid expansion of the geriatric population and the rising incidence of diabetes has led to increased adoption of eye drops, which is adding to the significant growth in the eye drops market. Additionally, increasing demands from the health industry and advancements in technology have resulted in better eye drops that are gentle on the eyes and do not cause discomfort, which is contributing to the demand for eye drops in Saudi Arabia . As the world is largely dominated by digitalization, people are spending more time on their smartphones, laptops and other electronic screen gadgets which is negatively impacting their eye health leading to increased demand for eye drops , greatly accelerating the eye of Saudi Arabia. depresses market growth.

The Saudi Arabia eye drops market is segmented by type, drug class, disease indication, distribution channel, end user, competitive landscape and regional distribution. Based on drug class, the market is further sub-segmented into anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, anti-glaucoma, anti-VEGF, and others. Anti-allergy drugs are expected to dominate the eye drops market in Saudi Arabia due to the rising incidence of eye allergies and infections due to pollution, prolonged exposure to UV-A light emitted from electronic screens and eye care inappropriate. Also, easier accessibility to anti-allergy drugs on online platforms has contributed to their dominance. Antiglaucoma is expected to witness significant growth in the eye drops market in Saudi Arabia in the coming years owing to the rising incidence of diabetes and glucose-related disorders.

The major players operating in the Saudi Arabia eye drops market are Amman Pharma, Jamjoom Pharma, Riyadh Pharma, Orchidia Pharmaceutical Industries, Pfizer Saudi Limited, Sanofi Aventis Arabia Company Limited, Tabuk Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Co., Novartis Saudi Arabia, Alcon Saudi Arabia , Johnson & Johnson Saudi Arabia, among others. Companies dominating the eye drops market in Saudi Arabia are adopting competitive strategies such as mergers and acquisitions and new product development.

Years considered for this report:

  • Historical years: 2017-2020
  • Base year: 2021
  • Estimated year: 2022E
  • Forecast period: 2023F-2027F

Goal of the study:

  • To analyze the historical market size growth of the Saudi Arabia Eye Drops market from 2017 to 2021.
  • Estimate and forecast the market size of Saudi Arabia Eye Drops Market from 2022E-2027F and the growth rate till 2027F.
  • Classify and forecast the Saudi Arabia Eye Drops Market based on type, drug class, disease indication, distribution channel, end-user, competitive landscape, and distribution regional.
  • To identify the region or segment dominating in the Saudi Arabia eye drops market.
  • Identify drivers and challenges for the Saudi Arabia Eye Drops Market.
  • Examine competitive developments such as expansions, new product launches, mergers and acquisitions, etc., in the Saudi Arabia eye drops market.
  • To identify and analyze the profile of major players operating in the Saudi Arabia Eye Drops Market.
  • To identify the key sustainable strategies adopted by market players in the Saudi Arabia Eye Drops Market.

Main topics covered:

1. Product introduction

2. Research methodology

3. Executive Summary

4. Impact of COVID-19 on the Saudi Arabia eye drops market

5. Voice of the customer

6. Saudi Arabia Eye Care Market Overview

7. Saudi Arabia Eye Drops Market Outlook
7.1. Market size and forecast
7.1.1. By value
7.2. Market share and forecasts
7.2.1. By type (prescription vs. over-the-counter)
7.2.2. By drug class (antiallergic, anti-inflammatory, antiglaucoma, anti-VEGF, others)
7.2.3. By disease indication (dry eye diseases, glaucoma, eye allergy, eye infections, retinal disorders, others)
7.2.4. By distribution channel (hospital pharmacy, retail pharmacy, online pharmacy)
7.2.5. By End User (Hospitals & Clinics, Home Care, Others)
7.2.6. By region
7.2.7. By company (2021)
7.3. Commodity Market Map

8. Saudi Arabia Prescription Eye Drops Market Outlook
8.1. Market size and forecast
8.1.1. By value
8.2. Market share and forecasts
8.2.1. By drug class
8.2.2. By disease indication
8.2.3. By distribution channel
8.2.4. Per end user

9. Saudi Arabia OTC Eye Drops Market Outlook
9.1. Market size and forecast
9.1.1. By value
9.2. Market share and forecasts
9.2.1. By drug class
9.2.2. By disease indication
9.2.3. By distribution channel
9.2.4. Per end user

10. Market Dynamics
10.1. Drivers
10.2. Challenges

11. Market trends and developments

12. Policy and regulatory landscape

13. Import-export analysis

14. Saudi Arabia Economic Profile

15. Competitive landscape
15.1. Competition Outlook
15.2. Company Profiles
15.2.1. Amman Pharmacy
15.2.2. Jamjoom Pharma
15.2.3. Riyadh Pharmacy
15.2.4. Orchidia Pharmaceutical Industries
15.2.5. Pfizer Saudi Limited
15.2.6. Sanofi Aventis Arabia Company Limited
15.2.7. Tabuk Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Co
15.2.8. Novartis Saudi Arabia
15.2.9. Alcon Saudi Arabia
15.2.10. Johnson & Johnson Saudi Arabia

16. Strategic Recommendations

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