Ranay Janaes, co-owner of Enza’s Delicatessen & Market, stands in front of the restaurant’s deli counter on Saturday May 22. The new restaurant and catering business opened earlier this month in Silverthorne.
Photo by Jenna deJong

Enza’s Delicatessen & Market is a dream that has been brewing for over three years. The brainchild of Ranay Janaes, the Italian Deli is the latest restaurant to debut in Silverthorne and is started by the same team that created restaurants like Sauce on the Blue, Sauce on the Maggie and Quandary Grille.

The charcuterie had a smooth opening on the weekend of May 15, but it is holding its grand opening on Thursday, May 27. The restaurant is open seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., focusing on breakfast and lunch before moving on to focus on its restaurant business.

The menus feature dishes like cinnamon apple pancakes, sandwiches, cocktails, smoothies, soups, salads, flatbreads, and breakfast bowls with ingredients like meatballs and roasted vegetables. One of Janaes’ favorite dishes is vegan coleslaw with cranberries and nuts.

In addition to the extensive menu, the restaurant has a counter that serves dishes such as bagels and pastries in the morning and cold salads in the afternoon. The charcuterie also serves take-out. Items range from $ 4 to $ 18.

Many of these dishes are a tribute to Janaes’ Italian family, especially her great-grandmother whose restaurant is named after.

“My family back in Michigan owns several restaurants, so I just wanted to open mine for a long time now,” Janaes said.

When crafting the large menu, Janaes said it was important to her that all dishes use quality ingredients that could later be used for other dishes using traditional cooking methods. Example: the restaurant keeps its leftover vegetables to make an authentic vegetable broth, instead of using vegetable stock cubes or powder.

Other ingredients used in the menu are organic milk from Shamrock Farms and wild boar meats. Some of the dishes on the menu are also vegetarian.

“I want everyone to have great food and a great experience coming here,” Janaes said. “… Many of my recipes contain pickled onions, which aids digestion. I want people to feel good when they leave here and not just laugh and feel sick.

The dining room at Enza’s Delicatessen & Market is pictured on Saturday 22 May. The new restaurant and catering business opened earlier this month in Silverthorne.
Photo by Jenna deJong

Janaes has a lot of experience in the restaurant business. She currently owns a company called All Events & Catering with Shervin Rashidi, which will operate as a single company with Enza’s. Tim Applegate, who worked at other restaurants like Sauce on the Blue and Quandary Grille, then joined as a partner.

When the restaurant closes in the afternoon, Janaes said that is when the business will focus on catering. She also hopes to initiate matchmaking dinners and host special events that would take place in the evenings.

When building the catering business, Janaes said she envisions part of her clientele coming from destination weddings. Quality food gift baskets are available for purchase, and with Pastry Chef and Chef Andrew Schweska on board, the company also plans to offer wedding cakes.

Schweska has her own experience. He attended Culinary School in West Palm Beach, Florida, and previously worked at the Four Seasons Resort and Residences in Vail.

For more information about the company, visit EnzasDeliAndMarket.com. The deli is located near Sauce on the Blue at 358 Blue River Parkway, Unit A.


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