This is a local business that many of you probably haven’t heard of. They only opened a few months and had no media coverage in the community. So let’s light up a little El Madina Market. This is a Mediterranean and international grocery store located in Rockford Square at 1855 S Rock Rd.

There aren’t many stores like this in Wichita, so let’s take a look inside.

El Madina Market is a unique international grocery market with products from around the world. Although there is a strong Moroccan influence, they offer a full line of North African, Turkish, Mediterranean, Tunisian, Indian, Lebanese, Pakistani and Middle Eastern groceries.

There is a chilled section which contains Halal lamb meat, Halal goat meat, Halal chicken meat, Halal quail, kebab, Adana chicken, semolina and more.

For those who love to cook different cuisines from all over the world, El Madina Market is here to get what you need. They have spices from all over the world. Their shelves offer a wide selection of couscous, hummus, grape leaves, baba ghanouj, tahini, olives, olive oil, cheese and more.

As for drinks and snacks, they have them too.

One of the most useful aspects of the El Madina market was product knowledge. The owner knew all the information about every product he had on hand. Sometimes when you walk into an ethnic grocery store you wonder where a certain product came from or even what it is. The owner had tagged each item so you would know which country it was from and what it was about. Overall it was a very well organized grocery store.

As previously mentioned, El Madina Market is located at 1855 S. Rock Road. Their hours are Tuesday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and closed on Monday. You can also reach them at 316-409-8724 or visit their Web page and Facebook page.

Have you ever been? What shopping suggestions would you make there? Drop them in the comments below!

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