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Junior winger Aubrey Hostetter (5) and Northeast Dubois won in a 2-0 win over Evansville Day on Wednesday in Section 48 at South Spencer.

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REO – If Northeast Dubois expects to come out of Sectional 48 at South Spencer Sectional, a polished product in the last third of the field holds.

On the football field, the Class 1A-No. 11 Jeeps (12-2) dominated Evansville Day, 2-0, to advance to the section semifinals where they face national rival Forest Park on Thursday.

“The main thing (is) that we won,” said Jeeps assistant coach Blake Ziegler. “We started off hard, a bit flat, but I think it was nervous. We got better as the game progressed. We had a decent number of chances and didn’t put them on. next to.”

The Jeeps retained most of the possession throughout the game, but couldn’t connect the midfielder to the front line to produce dangerous chances.

“The pass was excellent, precise,” said assistant coach Fernando Fernandez. “They just had too many people behind. We couldn’t get through the whole team. It prevented the attackers from getting a lot of the ball.”

The winning final came in the 14th minute on a smooth streak. First-year forward Makenzie Buchta passed the ball down the right side to senior forward Lexi Freyberger, making the extra pass to junior forward Elizabeth Schepers on the left side.

Schepers hit just once the weighted pass out of reach of second-year goaltender Trista Browning of Day in a looping shot down the middle of the goal.

“It was a shot,” Schepers said of the high arch shot. “I think I could probably do it again, maybe not so high, not so pretty.”

The Jeeps delivered the knockout nine minutes after the start of half-time. Second-year defenseman Macey Harrison threw a quick reboot down the center of the box that met a diagonal run from second-year forward Landyn Rasche in stride for a kick – his 19th result this year, a- she declared.

“We had a hard time getting in there, but it was good to finally have another one, to stay safe,” Rasche said. “I was in the right place at the right time. We tried something different, and it worked.”

Dubois looked to add another, but couldn’t find the right combination.

In the 59th minute, Rasche turned to a tight angle and shot from the right of the six-yard penalty area, but was stopped at the near post.

Four minutes later, the Eagles nearly cut the lead to one, as a penalty shot from senior defender Sabina Alcock took off from the crossbar.

The No. 3 Rangers (16-1) hold the last four section plates and advanced to the semifinals after a 3-0 win Wednesday over host the Rebels.

County rivals clashed on September 13, shutting out 2-0 by Forest Park.

The last playoff meeting between these two teams was in 2011, a 6-1 Rangers victory en route to a Second Division placement. The two Dubois programs were in the same sections for the past decade.

“Forest Park beat us, so we really want to get them back,” said Rasche.

The Rangers staff, meanwhile, are also looking forward to the game.

“(The Jeeps) got us into trouble in the regular season game,” Forest Park coach Brad Weyer said. “They are very talented. They can beat you on the counter attack. We just have to stay compact, calm and win our balls in the air and not do any turnovers in the middle third or the defensive third. Then we should be. in shape .”

“It’s exciting because a lot of us know the other people who play on the Jeeps team,” said Forest Park senior goaltender Madison Wathen. “It’s pretty exciting to have a county rivalry.”

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