Aldi’s mid-aisle has become famous for offering surprisingly good, if not random, products. From a Kevin the carrot that drove customers in line for hours all Christmas long to an egg chair that woke people up at 5 a.m., Aldi’s mid-aisle is almost become an icon of British pop culture.

It has partly earned that status by being subjected to social media ‘hacks’ where consumers believe they have discovered exact replicas of Jo Malone fragrances for less than half the price, while recently claiming that a pizza oven was offered for thousands less than any of its rivals. Aldi’s cheap pizza oven is said to be an exact replica of the £2,959 Fontana pizza oven.

Meanwhile, a recent product that sold out in the blink of an eye was a Special Buy hot tub for less than £500. Customer advice site Which one? recently recalled that Aldi has boasted of being the cheapest supermarket for six of the last 12 months while its competitor Lidl was the cheapest for only five months.

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For this reason, a journalist from Yorkshire Live went to their local store in Ripon, North Yorkshire, to go in search of hidden treasures in the supermarket’s mythical middle aisle. Jess Grieveson-Smith said they were looking for a bargain and were tempted to get their hands on the egg chair for a few months. As they headed down Aldi’s mid-aisle, their partner remarked that they’d probably be going home with something they didn’t need.

Aldi’s padded pants were a bit out of place

Well…he wasn’t wrong – the aisle had piles upon piles of items the reporter couldn’t buy online, like a geometric fire pit and a scalloped pet chair. However, there were other items that felt very out of place, such as padded pants and a “tobacco and vanilla” scent. Another odd feature that caught their eye was a living wall surrounded by stacks of Stranger Things-branded throw pillows.

Despite this, it turned out that the real treasures of the middle aisle were only a short discovery away. Items such as a circular mat weaving kit and a dumpling press looked appealing and just begging to be purchased. Even more impressive, there was a lamp on a shelf and a set of rattan-effect 3-piece eggs that also caught the reporter’s eye.

Unable to get the item out of her head, she checked online and purchased the item via delivery. Another item that went viral on TikTok was also available for purchase – a three-reed diffuser that is said to smell similar to designer Jo Malone’s fragrances.

Aldi in Ripon had lots of Gardeline products

Ignoring the purchase of a full set of garden furniture, the report spent just £5.97 on the store. And while it was clearly a steal for all items purchased, there was an air of ridiculousness about the situation – after all, would any of us actually be interested in making our own circular rug or its own collapsible butter tray.

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