San Francisco residents planning to attend the famous Pride parade this weekend can expect pleasant weather, with temperatures around the mid-60s, according to the National Weather Service, although inland areas are not not so lucky.

On Sunday, while temperatures will remain mild in areas near the bay and the coast, inland areas like Santa Rosa, Concord, Livermore and San Jose will experience highs in the 90s, with areas closer to Morgan Hill reaching the upper 90s, NWS meteorologist Warren Blier said.

While those temperatures were above average for this time of year, he said, they were “not at an all-time high.”

“We have a pretty big contrast between the foggy, cool weather along the coast and the fairly warm inland,” Blier said, adding that this type of pattern is not uncommon for the region’s summers. the Bay.

Just outside the Bay Area, the weather agency issued a heat advisory for the southern Salinas Valley and interior San Benito County through Monday, as highs reach the 90 to 100.

High temperatures, combined with low humidity and dry ground conditions fueled by the ongoing drought, mean the risk of fire is high, Blier said, although no warnings were issued on Saturday after- noon, as high winds and lightning – two major concerns for fires – are not expected.

“The fire danger is not high enough for us to provide them with any particular product, but it will just be high on average hot summer days from now on,” he said. “People have to be careful with anything that involves fire.”

Another concern – people flocking to beaches to escape the heat this summer should be aware, he said, as rip currents and sneaker waves are an ever-present hazard on the coast. Likewise, people should avoid leaving children, pets, or even older adults in cars, even for a few minutes, as the bright sun can quickly heat up a car even when temperatures aren’t so high, a he added.

The second half of the week should bring some relief from the heat, Blier said. On Monday, temperatures will be a few degrees cooler inland than they were on Sunday, and by Wednesday highs in the warmer areas will be “more like the mid-80s.”

Danielle Echeverria is a staff writer for the San Francisco Chronicle. Email: [email protected]: @DanielleEchev