As President Biden continues to oversee a supply chain crisis with out of control commodity prices, rapid inflation and high unemployment despite a record number of job vacancies, Sean Hannity said in his opening monologue, which collectively is the socialist’s recipe. program that the Delaware Democrat promotes and executes, and that tab goes straight to the working class.

On “Hannity,” the host returned to a stumped speech by Biden in 2019 during the election campaign in Peterborough, New Hampshire, where the Democrat answered a question from a man worried about fossil fuel pollution by promising to “remove fossil fuel subsidies, number one, – number two tenant [companies] responsible for what they did. “

Biden went on to tell the man he was “not kidding – I’m going to put them in jail.”

“He wants to put the oil rulers in jail? It’s the lifeblood of the world economy. If you find cheaper, cleaner energy I’m in. Until then, oil, gas and coal are the lifeblood of the world economy, ”Hannity said in response.

Hannity said that today’s inflation, the supply chain crisis and the explosion in gas prices are the product of this promised policy:

“That’s what Joe promised to do – it was all intentional. In 2019, he vowed to sacrifice blue collar jobs and destroy the oil and gas industry in the name of climate change.”

With the labor shortage and supply chain crisis induced by the policies of the Biden administration, Hannity said that oil and gas are the necessary raw materials for a thriving market – and that this is now lacking.

“So now not only is everything more expensive, it can also take months to arrive in the mail.”

Compounding the problems of the working class, Hannity continued, the Internal Revenue Service will seek to comb bank accounts to monitor transactions over $ 600, according to an impending human infrastructure law entry.


“Whatever you buy … all the money you transfer for over $ 600, Democrats want to know,” he said.

“Are you giving your son or daughter $ 600?” Democrats want to know … Why? So they can find a way to tax it and dry you off. “

“Green New Deal socialism is not cheap – and so they are looking for new and creative ways to pay for it.”

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