The Seminoles’ No.1 women’s soccer team battled to win their season opener against the No.9 Texas A&M Aggies. In front of a large crowd, the first victory of the Seminole suffered a meteorological delay due to lightning in the region.

The victory is the result of constant patience for the Garnet and Gold, who managed many shots on goal all night. However, the only goal came in the 89 ‘by senior midfielder Clara Robbins.

A nice pass into the box from senior midfielder Yujie Zhao gave Robbins a crowded shot that was deflected. After another attempt, his third shot finally found the back of the net.

“Fortunately, our group persevered, fought hard and created the only chance that ended up in the back of the net,” said head coach Mike Krikorian.

Throughout the game, the Seminoles held the ball for most of the game, finding their way to 14 shots with half of them on goal, but the Aggies held on defensively with six saves.

“I think it takes a lot of discipline for our team to stay calm in these situations because it’s so easy to want to push forward every time and to want to achieve that goal, but we know we have to relish every opportunity and be selective with our shots, ”Robbins said.

In their fifties, the Garnet et Or almost scored another goal. Second-year forward Beata Olsson unleashed a shot that ricocheted off the top bar, straight onto the pitch. The referees did not score a goal on the field but reviewed the game, shortly after coming to the conclusion that there was no goal.

A few minutes earlier, the Seminoles encountered another situation where a shot narrowly missed the mark. Junior striker Jenna Nighswonger’s 48 ‘mark hit the crossbar. While FSU certainly had plenty of opportunities, Texas A&M did a great job cluttering up the area and disrupting shots.

The Seminoles stepped up the pressure against the Aggies as the game progressed into the evening. In the first half, the Garnet and Gold passed the ball well but struggled to pass the ball into the midfield in front of the goal. As a result, most of their shots in the first half were from wide angles.

The second half produced better results, especially in the last 10-15 minutes of play. The ‘Noles were able to enter the penalty area with multiple scoring opportunities and Robbin’s goal went into the net. seconds from the end of the match.

“I thought for most of the game we had pretty good control over the situation, but damn, I’ll tell you, Texas A&M gave us everything we could handle,” Krikorian said. “We haven’t had a lot of good looks on their goal.”

This first victory marks the start of the 2021-2022 season for the Seminoles, who are looking to return to the national championship game, which they lost on penalties last season. FSU will return to the field on Sunday against the Alabama Crimson Tide at 1 p.m.

“We learned a lot of lessons tonight,” Krikorian said. “We’re going to get better because of it, and I hope they get better because of it. That’s why you schedule these best matches.


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