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Even without sanpdragon 8xx, X was much better than mi6 crap.
Stereo, better screen, better photos, better design, better software.

Better to have a full midrange with a 6xx neck than a midrange midrange with an 8xx CPU.
Even at a gigher price.


Anonymous, 5 hours agoYou forgot zenfone 8not as small as the Xperia Compact range.

The iPhone Mini would have a more similar size. Unfortunately, these flopped and failed to bring compact phones back into fashion.

Before anyone mentions foldables, they’re still a lot bigger when in use. Even the Galaxy Flip is closer to S+ size, larger than the regular S.


forhad-61, 5 hours agoThose confusing Sony names… =_= I know where you just echoed that statement from, but the Xperia range has a clearer naming, unlike their AV range.


Scram, 3 hours agoJapanese consumer electronics companies are in decline because the rest of Asia is not seated… moreVAIO is now owned by JIP and still manufactures laptops. Still overpriced, as you said, typical Japanese consumer product. Yes, their innovations have been slowing since the end of the media format wars at the very beginning of the 21st century.


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Xperia phones are nice, just the price is a little high for what they offer, especially since they are always “released” 6 months before you can buy them. They always release them around March with the latest Qualcomm soc, but once you can buy them around September there is already the next refresh/update from competing manufacturers available…
Combined with the bone and slightly dull bone updates, this makes for a sour apple to bite for the high price…


Sony can lower the bezels and release it again and I’ll throw my current brick of a phone in the trash and switch to this instead


X performance is the reason I left Sony Xperia for good. Overpriced for the specs, poor build quality. It can bend far worse than the iPhone 6 fiasco! (Because the phone isn’t as popular as the iPhone, hardly anyone bats an eyelid).

Z5 is the last, before moving to Honor/Huawei. The Honor 8 Pro camera alone is like x3 better than all my Xperias before (Neo, Arc S, S, Z1, Z2, Z5). Sad but true.

While I’m currently happy with the P40, I’m starting to wonder which brand to choose from today, Huawei’s future is uncertain 😂😂😂


One and only problem, too expensive.


SMIRNAS, 6 hours agoas a former sony fan, i would say that sony xperia fails to adapt and overcome its own weaknesses,… moreJapanese consumer electronics companies are in decline because the rest of Asia is not quiet.

Japan is the third largest economy on the planet. The second largest “developed” economy. The implication is that it costs a lot more to produce a component in Japan than in any other country in Asia. Unfortunately, most consumer electronics are not high tech. You can assemble them anywhere and a global supply chain + just-in-time conveyor belt means middle-income countries can compete favorably.

That’s why Japanese products seem overpriced. Apple products would be significantly higher if they were primarily made in the US, Japan or Germany and not China.

The only way for these companies to stay afloat is to outsource manufacturing and even product design to ODMs in China, Vietnam and other middle-income centers and rebrand the merchandise. This is how HP and Dell followed Lenovo; while Toshiba and Sony bowed out of the PC market.

The alternative is to abandon low-margin consumer electronics and focus on higher-priced, IP-intensive high-tech products. And that’s what a lot of Japanese consumer electronics companies are doing.

Sony still makes high-end OLED TVs and cameras. But not cell phones.


KondriX, 4 hours agoThe design is nice even for today, it looks good. Still, I don’t understand why people h… moreMost likely the phones are overpriced compared to the competition and Sony’s Android update policy.


SMIRNAS, 6 hours agoas a former sony fan, i would say that sony xperia fails to adapt and overcome its own weaknesses,… moreAre you on crack? Do you think that Sony does not innovate or invent anything? You should probably do more research and stop embarrassing yourself without knowing anything!


forhad-61, 5 hours agoThose confusing Sony names… =_= Seriously, Sony’s new smartphone naming scheme since 2019 is now much easier to understand than before. That said, I’m still curious why Sony made an Xperia Pro smartphone when there’s clearly no Alpha Pro camera. I can’t help thinking that every Xperia 1 model so far is nothing more than a simple Xperia 5 with a bigger screen and bigger battery. If Sony renames the current Xperia 1 model to Xperia 5 Plus and treats the Xperia 1 nameplate as its premium business-grade halo flagship model like they did with the Alpha 1 Mirrorless camera, that could make a lot of sense. . I found it ironic that Sony got the naming scheme right with the mid-range Xperia 10 series.


I used the X until this summer with no problems. I even tried it on Ubports (Ubuntu-based OS). Really liked that they had the ability to run almost aosp which was officially supported by Sony for a while. I would use it more, but unfortunately I lost it in a taxi.


Don’t forget to have the XA back then.

People around me really like how it looks. Sony is more than ever in marketing.


The design is nice even for today, it looks good. Still, I don’t understand why people hate Sony so much today, they still offer microSD in their flagships, 3.5mm jack, clear 4K display with no punch-holes or notches, pretty clear Android experience. The only issue I would say is the price, their phones are expensive.


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The Xperia X was a very good phone for the middle and high segments.
I’ve had this phone for a while, love it, the size and functionality was perfect for me, the screen is crisp and doesn’t feel too small like the z5 compact.

SONY just made a terrible mistake with the performance of the xperia X. They should release it as a true flagship with a bigger screen, bigger RAM and storage. Sony was totally confusing at the time.


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Ja1, 6 hours agoSeriously, the biggest thing missing are compact compacts! there were compromising offers… moreYou forgot zenfone 8


Those confusing Sony names… =_=


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XA Ultra has one of the best designs ever.


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Sony has a chance to be the first Android smartphone company, but they still take missteps.

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