Saturday July 10, 2021

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Summer is here and we all take every opportunity to get out and do things.

Fresh air, hot temperatures, sunshine, vitamin D, high moods, as well as KILLING POLLEN AND ALLERGIES !!

I’ve heard it a few times this week, and it seems like an inevitable problem for some people.


But before you go for expensive over-the-counter medications, try these simple / natural ways to ease symptoms.

Eliminate dairy products.

Due to mass production, poor quality of the animals they come from, thermal pasteurization and homogenization, commercial dairy products fall under the category of processed foods.

Because all bacteria (good and bad) are destroyed in the “process”, it lacks the enzymes necessary to break it down and digest it properly, which makes a person lactose intolerant. It also causes histamine or an inflammatory effect on the respiratory system.

Notice when a child eats ice cream, his nose starts to run.

It is respiratory inflammation, and not good for sensitive people with allergies.

Wheat products are also better to avoid, due to the inflammation caused in the intentional tract.

This causes the villi in the intestines to lie flat, absorbing no nutrients, leaving the food intact and undigested, causing a condition called Leaky Gut Syndrome.

It also includes your immune system, which makes it harder to fight off allergies and foreign invaders.

The Netti jar will help relieve symptoms by clearing mucus in your nasal cavity.

It comes with saline solution and you should use distilled or pre-boiled water, at room temperature, then rinse one side at a time following the directions on the box.

Sounds weird but it works great.

Local honey also helps eliminate some symptoms associated with allergies. It should be purchased within a 5km radius of where you live, as bees need to extract and make honey from the same flowers and plants that irritate you for the anecdote to work.

Your best bet is a local store or farmers market.

There is a compound found in wasabi known as 6-MSITC, which suppresses the chemicals that cause inflammation in the closure of the nose, so stack it and let the drainage begin.

Another compound that can alleviate symptoms is spirulina.

Take about 2000 mg per day and the inflammation and symptoms should go away.

In conclusion, you can try the remedies described above which will work for some or you can limit your exposure to outdoor activities that trigger allergies and stay mostly in controlled air-conditioned environments.

Or you can wear a mask outside, which after last year isn’t an option for too many people.

Coach Matt

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