All is calm in Harrisburg on Wednesday as Joe Biden is sworn in as president hundreds of miles away in Washington, DC

Harrisburg police and members of the National Guard were stoically standing guard this morning outside the Pennsylvania Capitol, behind orange barricades erected as a precaution against rioters.

Although the FBI warned of a threat of armed protests in all 50 state capitals in the days leading up to inauguration day, there were no protests or activity around the Pennsylvania Capitol.

“We are very happy that everything has been peaceful so far,” Mayor Eric Papenfuse said via a city statement.

Harrisburg Police said they will continue to patrol the Capitol this week.

“Right now, as you probably know, nothing is happening on Capitol Hill. Hopefully things will continue like this, ”said Sergeant Harrisburg. Kyle Gautsch. “But the officers will maintain a presence throughout the day to make sure everything remains peaceful. We believe that the measures put in place were appropriate given the unknown circumstances and the potential disruption we encountered. “

A small handful of people stood along the lower steps of the Capitol, some holding signs.

Saying he was never the type to stay home and wish he had done something different, Matt Convery from Wallingford, Delaware County came to Harrisburg holding a sign saying “The Truth About Lies. “And” Democracy wins “.

“I felt bad about two weeks ago. It looked like there was going to be mass protests everywhere and I don’t want that to be the only face here, ”he said. “It makes you sad”

David Jordan, of New Cumberland, said he was happy to see things go back to “democratic principles”.

“This should never happen again,” he said of the January 6 riots on the United States Capitol. “We should be better behaved.”

“I’m so thrilled to finally have a female vice president,” Jordan said. “I hope we will have a female president soon”

Larry Shake, of Dauphin, wearing a Vietnam veteran hat and a gray bathrobe with the phrase “Impeach China Joe” spelled out on stickers on the back, said he came to Harrisburg today to express his rights as a premier amendment.

Shake said he believed the cold weather and the presence of the police drove people away. “People want to protest, but don’t want to come out if there are problems,” he said.

Shake said he was protesting against Biden, who he said won the election illegally, with help from the media and big business.

“I think Trump will go down in history as one of the best American public presidents of all time,” he said.

Jana Benscoter contributed to this article.

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