The Eagles received some great news earlier this week. Dallas goedert is eligible to play this weekend after being previously placed on the COVID-19 / reserve roster. It comes days after trading Zach Ertz, which will naturally put Goedert in the spotlight. Previous games might lead you to believe that this offense won’t exactly allow South Dakota State Product to thrive, but that could all change on Sunday afternoon.

With Ertz now out of the picture, Goedert should really consolidate his place as TE1. The 6’5, 265 lbs wide receiver has actually played more snaps than Ertz in every game this season, but the stats don’t necessarily reflect that. Zach Ertz has indeed been targeted 12 times more than the new TE1 and has 3 more receptions, but Goedert has 27 more yards on reception. With Hurts struggling to shake things up in the middle, there is now a real need for Goedert to be the change… and the good news is this weekend provides the perfect opportunity to shake things up.

According to CBS Fantasy’s Jacob Gibbs, Dallas Goedert ranks 4th among all NFL TEs in yard rate per route since early 2020.

So while Goedert may not be setting the field statistically on fire, he is certainly tearing up the grass on his roads.

Las Vegas The Raiders have been pretty bad at tight ends this season, with opposing offenses targeting their bigger bodies more than they do against 30 other teams. In the past three weeks, they’ve conceded 265 yards and 4 touchdowns. Not great.

In addition to conceding 4 touchdowns at the post this year (tied for 2nd), they gave up 407 yards, showing only how bad the recent round of forms has been. This, coupled with a defense that relies on zone packages even more than Philadelphia’s, should open up plenty of pockets for Dallas Goedert to intimidate his way.

Goedert has played better against zonal defenses in the past and his yards per route compared to when playing zonal defenses are drastically different. It is able to find 0.63 yards per additional route (as of 2020) , by Gibbs, facing zonal looks.

Jalen Hurts has been criticized for his lack of attention in midfield over the past week and it looks like the perfect storm to take advantage of. If Sirianni is able to put together a few basic concepts of tilting in the middle so that his tight end can run, there is a much higher chance of success here than against most other teams.

Are we about to witness the start of the Dallas Goedert TE1 era?

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