Michel Barnier issued a terrible warning to the British, as he listed a series of retaliatory measures the EU may soon take to punish the UK. The Brexit negotiator who became a challenger for the French presidency made the remarks during an interview on the French television channel LCI. He said the UK had refused to honor the Brexit deal, leaving the EU and France with no choice but to develop retaliatory plans.

Mr Barnier, who is challenging Mr Macron for the French presidency in 2022, said he would not hesitate to act in the current situation.

The presidential candidate pointed to tariffs on certain products or “control of more British ships” as he explained the EU’s plan.

He told LCI: “You have an agreement. You have a very specific, extremely specific agreement and is not respected by London.

“It is London who is responsible and therefore the one who takes serious responsibilities for the future relations that we are going to have.”

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The former EU chief Brexit negotiator added: “And I, if I’m President of the Republic, I’m going to have with this great country, friend and neighbor, and the European Union is going to have.

“So we have retaliatory measures and countervailing measures. We can restore tariffs on certain products or we can check more British vessels.

“You can suspend parts of the agreement. “

Earlier this week, Barnier complained that France had lost immigration control and a sense of impunity prevailed.

This comes after the death of 27 people in the English Channel earlier this week.

The sinking of the boat on Wednesday marked the biggest loss of life by drowning in the English Channel on record.

The victims included 17 men, seven women – including one pregnant – and three children.

Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and the European Commission are all due to attend Sunday’s Calais summit in a bid to resolve the crisis.