Director of the UK in a Changing Europe think tank, Professor Anand Menon admitted that it was difficult to see how the UK and the European Union would resolve their post-Brexit trade disputes. In an interview with, he insisted that the Northern Ireland protocol and the movement of goods from Britain to Northern Ireland remain a contentious issue. He warned that as we come to the end of the grace period, it will become more clear how, if anything, the issue will be resolved.

If the issue is not resolved, Professor Menon added that the EU could sue the UK in an attempt to impose tariffs on the country in a messy court battle.

Professor Menon said: “I think there will always be some tension between the two sides.

“When you have two close sides that exchange a lot with each other, both of whom want the other to fail, that is not a recipe for harmony.

“But secondly, on how we resolve this, it’s hard to see at the moment how we resolve the issue of the Northern Ireland Protocol.

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“It’s just because both sides seem to have pretty clear red lines.

“Neither side seems inclined to make the necessary compromises and the EU believes the UK should act by signing some of its rules.

“While the UK thinks the EU is too legalistic in implementing its own rules.

“We will have to see how that plays out in September.

He claimed it was because for Lord Frost, like many Brexiteers, the point of leaving the European Union was to break EU rules.

He said: “David Frost said that was absolutely out of the question.

“For him, the whole point of Brexit was to free itself from EU rules.

“That’s what he should be doing but I’m pretty sure he won’t.”

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