The United States on Friday unveiled a set of new regulations aimed at stifling China’s access to advanced chips, the tools needed to manufacture designs that are years old, and the service and support mechanisms needed to keep systems running smoothly. chip manufacturing. From a report: In a conference call with reporters on Thursday, administration officials said the goal was to block the People’s Liberation Army and China’s domestic surveillance apparatus from accessing advanced computing capabilities that require the use of advanced semiconductors. The chips, tools and software aid China’s military, including the development of weapons of mass destruction, according to the officials, who asked to remain anonymous to freely discuss administration policies.

The new rules are comprehensive and cover a range of advanced semiconductor technologies, from chips produced by AMD and Nvidia to the expensive and complex equipment needed to manufacture those chips. Much of the highest quality chipmaking equipment is made by three US companies: KLA, Applied Materials and Lam Research, and cutting off China’s access to their tools could hurt the country’s ambitions to become a powerhouse. chip manufacturing. The Biden administration’s new controls on chip exports represent a significant shift in US policy toward China. For decades, the United States has tried to keep China behind two generations of technology, usually by denying China access to the tools needed to manufacture advanced chips or other technology itself. Now, the goal appears to be to cripple China’s ability to produce chips with nearly a decade-old technology, several generations behind cutting-edge capabilities.