COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – Rationing of your favorite whiskey, tequila, or scotch can happen at a bar or restaurant near you, due to supply chain issues and high demand.

Problems in the supply chain create shortages, says Middle West Spirits spokesperson Victor Spotloe, and the solution is to buy local.

Spotloe believes Ohio could see alcohol purchase restrictions like those announced Thursday in Pennsylvania, where the Liquor Control Board (PLCB) has placed two-bottle-a-day purchase limits on 43 items in the United States. state stores. Rationing will remain in place indefinitely, according to a spokesperson for the PLCB.

Ohio Liquor’s own statistics show that tequila and scotch suppliers could meet about half of customer demand last week.

“There is a supply chain disruption everywhere,” said Spotloe, national sales manager for Middle West Spirits on Courtland Avenue. “States can’t really access the product – it’s not just the restaurant and bars. So if the state or wholesaler does not have access to these products due to an interruption in the supply chain, then the end result is that your retailers and restaurant runs will not have access either. to the product.

The disruption of the supply chain means that obtaining bottles, cardboard, cork, grain is more difficult, as well as transportation.

“A lot of this is due to the disruption of the supply chain, whether it’s access to glass or cardboard, whether it’s access to cork, grain. or even the material, affecting literally everything from New Zealand sauvignon blanc to French champagne, whiskey, scotch, tequila… and brandy.

Prices can rise to slow the volume down, giving liquor makers an opportunity to catch up, Spotloe explains.

Meanwhile, award-winning brands are on your doorstep, with Middle West Spirits winning two trophies at a recent American whiskey convention. And there are other award-winning liquor makers in Columbus that produce liquor here.

According to an Ohio Liquor spokesperson, “Historically, certain categories have tended to increase demand. Currently, it is bourbon, tequila and cognac. This current trend is global, not just in Ohio.

“Suppliers are trying to meet consumer demand in all markets, including Ohio. Ohio gets more than its fair share (please see table below). Only 24 items of the 521 most important items for which suppliers were unable to meet demand on any given day – less than five percent – in fiscal year 2021, “the door said. – spoken by Ohio Liquor.

Bars and restaurants compete for supplies, as well as for walk-ups. There are products available, it might not be the size they want, the spokesperson said. Ohio Liquor will also work with restaurant and bar owners to get specific products out of stock at their branch. On-site licensees can call the Liquor Business Service Center for assistance: 1-877-812-0013.

Ohio Liquor provided this graphic. The first column represents the percentage that the supplier is able to supply relative to the demand.


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