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It’s fitting that Gyanda Sachdeva, vice president of product management at LinkedIn, found her first job as a financial analyst after graduation by reaching out to people on LinkedIn.

In 2010, Sachdeva joined LinkedIn and quickly rose through the ranks from a senior associate specializing in business operations to director of product management for LinkedIn’s premium subscription products.

Just under a year ago, she took over Marketing Solutions products from LinkedIn, which Microsoft recently said to have generated more than $ 3 billion in revenue over the past year. Monetization on LinkedIn has evolved a lot since the first display ads on the platform in 2005.

“Back then we were all in screen advertising, and it took a big change internally to start thinking about how we use auctions to serve ads and also how we create products. mobile advertising, because it was not a thing that existed. back then, ”Sachdeva says in this episode of AdExchanger Talks.

But the biggest change, she says, is a bit of a meta.

“We used to think of LinkedIn as a bunch of people, a bunch of professionals… and sometimes they connect with each other – a very actively used CV database by recruiters,” says Sachdeva.

“But that has changed. It is not just a network of profiles and connections; it has become a professional community, ”she says. “And that created opportunities for brands to reach out and engage with their customers.”

Also in this episode: Why agreeing to meet someone for a cup of coffee can change the course of your career; create economic opportunities for students and young graduates who are trying to start their professional lives in the midst of a pandemic; LinkedIn’s marketing product vision and roadmap; and an overview of new LinkedIn advertising products, including a feature that allows marketers to turn organic posts into paid media placements.

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