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There are several great cards that can earn Amex Membership Rewards points. One of the frequently overlooked cards is the American Express® $150 per Year Green Card (review). Along with the American Express® Gold Card (review), I consider it one of the two best personal cards for earning Amex points (read a comparison of the two cards).

In this article, I wanted to share nine reasons why you should consider applying for the Amex Green Card. In no particular order…

Welcome offer from 45 to 50,000 points

The Amex Green Card currently has a welcome offer of 45,000 or 50,000 Amex points after spending $2,000 in the first six months. Different people seem to have different offers depending on where and how they open the application link.

This is a reasonable amount to spend and plenty of time to complete the spending requirement. Based on my assessment of 1.7 cents per Amex point, this bonus is worth up to $850.

Redeem your Amex Points for Emirates First Class travel

3x points on meals

The Amex Green Card offers 3x points on dining at restaurants worldwide. I value Amex points at 1.7 cents each, so to me that’s like a 5.1% return in that category.

This does not only include sit-down restaurants, but also fast food outlets, cafes, etc. This makes the Amex Green one of the best cards to eat.

Earn 3x Amex Points on meals

3x points on travel and transit

The Amex Green Card offers 3x points on all travel and transit purchases, ranging from airfare and hotels to Ubers car rentals, trains and vacation packages. This is a huge category and makes the Amex Green Card the most comprehensive Amex card for travel purchases.

Earn 3x Amex Points on hotel stays

No usage fees allowed

I think this point is really underestimated. The Amex Green Card has no authorized user fees, so you can add an authorized user to the card without paying extra (beyond the regular annual fee).

This is important because it means that not only do you earn 3x the points on your own meals, travel, and public transport, but you can also earn points for the expenses of your family members in these categories.

For example, the Amex Green Card has a comparable rewards structure to the Chase Sapphire Reserve® Card (review), as both cards offer 3x points on dining and travel, but on this card you will pay $75 per authorized user .

No foreign transaction fees

The Amex green card has no foreign transaction fees. This is quite significant, as several other Amex cards that have good rewards structures have foreign transaction fees. What makes this even more useful is that you can earn 3x more points on dining and travel without paying foreign transaction fees. These are major categories of spending abroad.

Use Amex Green worldwide with no foreign transaction fees

$100 annual CLEAR credit

While many people have TSA Pre-Check, CLEAR is a separate program that can add a lot of value. As a CLEAR member, you can bypass identity checking on TSA lines and be brought directly into the actual queue for the security checkpoint.

The Amex Green Card offers an annual CLEAR credit of $100. As long as you’re a Delta SkyMiles or United MileagePlus member (which everyone should be — no status required), CLEAR is just $119 per year.

With the $100 credit, you will pay $19 per year for CLEAR. Then, if you want to add family or friends, you can add them at a reduced cost.

Save on a CLEAR subscription with this credit

$100 Annual LoungeBuddy Credit

Although not a Priority Pass membership, having the Amex Green Card gives you an annual $100 LoungeBuddy credit, which you can use to purchase lounge access. This will allow you to easily get a few salon visits per year.

Buy lounge access with LoungeBuddy credit

Access to Amex offers

One of the reasons to stick with Amex cards long term is the incredible value Amex offers offer. With this program, you can receive statement credits or earn bonus points from all kinds of retailers.

The more Amex cards you have, the more offers you can potentially benefit from. In many cases, the Amex offers alone more than justify the annual fee for some of my cards.

Easy anecdotal endorsement

Many people rightly worry if they will get a new card approved when they apply. For those with excellent credit, I find Amex cards (including the Amex Green) to be among the easiest to approve, much easier than Chase and Citi. Just keep in mind Amex’s general application rules, which shouldn’t be too restrictive.

At the end of the line

The Amex Green Card is one of my favorite personal Amex cards for earning Membership Rewards points, given that it offers 3x points on meals, travel, and public transportation. Although the card has an annual fee of $150, it offers up to $200 in annual credits, which can help offset this. It’s a card that I have, and it’s a card that I get a lot of value out of.

If you value Amex points and spend a lot on meals and travel, it’s hard to beat the value proposition of the Amex Green Card.