Super Bowl LVI is on the books and people on both sides of the counter are taking stock of how the night went. There are thousands of prop bets out there and some of the most popular have failed. There were also many surprises.

Here are some interesting or popular prop bets and the results:

Cooper Kupp Wins MVP (+600)

Kupp was the third most popular player for the MVP award at DraftKings, topped only by Aaron Donald and Joe Burrow. Kupp was also the game’s first most-bet touchdown scorer, a feat that went to Odell Beckham Jr., but Kupp was -190 on the Anytime TD market and he scored two en route to being only second. wide receiver in the past decade to win MVP. Kupp’s Anytime TD prop was the highest prop at DraftKings.

Interestingly, Kupp stayed under his yardage total of 103.5, a bet that garnered 85% of the bets and 90% of the handle on this particular offer. He also stayed under his receiving accessory (8.5) with eight catches. It’s crazy to think Kupp could win MVP with pretty pedestrian numbers, but it happened.

Odell Beckham Jr. First scorer for TD (+900)

Beckham was the second most popular player for the first touchdown. His 17-yard touchdown in the first quarter capped a 50-yard drive for the Rams. He was also the second most popular player on the Anytime TD market.

Unfortunately, Beckham only had one more catch for 35 yards before leaving the game with a non-contact knee injury. His over/under receiving yards prop was 64.5, so he was on target and we’ll consider that a bad beat.

Matthew Stafford Rushing Yards (over 5.5)

What a sweat it was. Stafford had three carries for six yards, with a length of seven. The Bengals opted not to use their final timeout and forced Stafford to a knee once more. If they had called time out, Stafford would have sunk. Because they didn’t, he narrowly went.

Stafford fell three yards from his prop over/under passing yards (285.5), despite a big final drive that led to the game-winning touchdown.

Evan McPherson Over 1.5 field goals (-150)

McPherson was a very popular player in the aftermarket. He even had a lot of love for the MVP as the fifth most popular option at DK in terms of handle and betting percentage, even though the kickers were 0 for 55 going into the game. McPherson kicked two field goals to keep the bettors happy, as his passing hit with a 38-yard kick to give the Bengals a 20-13 lead early in the third quarter.

Longest touchdown over 47.5 yards (-115) / Shortest touchdown under 1.5 yards (-115)

The longest and shortest touchdown props were both banked in the game. Tee Higgins caught a controversial 75-yard bomb to open the second half as he got away with a face mask on Jalen Ramsey.

The shortest touchdown was the game-winner, as Kupp and Stafford connected for the second time in the game from one yard with 1:25 remaining.

Joe Burrow Under 1.5 passing touchdowns (+160)

This over was popular, but was not conceded, as Burrow’s only touchdown throw was when Higgins ran away with the face mask on Ramsey. Cincinnati’s other touchdown pass will be tackled in a minute. Burrow only threw for 263 yards, so he missed his passing yard prop and 75 of the yards came on a play.

Burrow has also been sacked seven times, so just about any sack prop for the Rams has been cashed in, as Aaron Donald, Von Miller and Leonard Floyd all had full sacks. Rams’ sack total was the eighth most popular prop at DraftKings.

Joe Mixon Over 3.5 receptions (-115)

Mixon’s receiving prop was pretty popular, but how it cashed in is the big story. Mixon had five catches… for one yard. His longest reception was four yards, but he was tackled behind the line of scrimmage on most of his catches. Imagine being told that Mixon would have a receiving yard and that prop would always cash in.

Opening Kick Off Not a Touchback (-110)

This line started off nicely on more money, but took the ‘No’ so much that the line kept going down and down and down. The opening kickoff had been a touchdown in 26 of the last 28 Super Bowls, but McPherson hammered the ball into the end zone for one of 11 touchdowns in the game. There was only one kick return.

More than 2.5 players with a pass attempt; Non-QB to throw a touchdown (+1300)

I saved the best for last. Joe Mixon threw a touchdown pass for the Bengals in the second quarter to cash in on some juicy props plus cash. A non-QB to throw a TD pass was 13/1 as Mixon found Higgins in the back of the end zone.

Pretty much the only thing Kupp did wrong in the Super Bowl was knocking down Stafford on a gimmick play for the Rams. There were actually four players with a pass attempt, so one flew over with room to spare.